“Come Let Us Reason Together”

We toil our entire lives. For what? Everything we work for either rusts or rots. Solomon was the richest, wisest man to ever live, but in describing life he said, “All is lies and troubles.”  The same can go for ours. We constantly speak of “tomorrow,” but tomorrow is the morgue of hell.  “Do not... Continue Reading →


As we approach the twilight years of our life the busy schedule of family and friends soon fade into a time when we find ourselves alone. Our spouses have passed over or as many of us do today, we go our separate ways. After spending so many years working, raising children, and consuming our time... Continue Reading →

I am the Woman at the Well

  I am the woman at the well. My name is Je’Tajia. I was born October 25, 1981 in a housing project on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina, called Boulevard Homes. I was the oldest of 9 children and lived with my mom in a 2 bedroom flat. The boys slept in one... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Suffer

 Candace was a healthy 8 year who loved playing sports. She was very competitive and generally gave the boys a fit. I called her my little tom boy. She came home one afternoon complaining of a stomach ache. We didn't pay very much attention to it until she complained about it for 3 or 4... Continue Reading →

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